Jamila! Jamila! Stand up and rejoice, the King is here!

A poem by a friend

F. H. Hakansson

After my interview in the local paper a man, another writer, contacted me. We talked and exchanged work – something many writers do. He has a homepage which is, unfortunately, in Swedish only. Luckily for my readers he has written a few poems in English. Since I encourage you to send me your work for me to publish (the editing post I mentioned earlier is coming – please be patient) I thought it would be nice to publish one of his poems here! With his approval of course. If you live in the south of Sweden (Skåne) I think you will find his website interesting as he not only publish poems and such but also reports on local events and hosts a few services you can utilize if you want.

Day Versus Night.

In the beginning there was no light

There was only dark.

Everything you know began with a…

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Judas the praised one, Adolf the noble warrior and Netanyahu the gift from God

Judas the praised one, Adolf the noble warrior and Netanyahu the gift from God.

Judas the praised one, Adolf the noble warrior and Netanyahu the gift from God

No Judas
No Resurrection
No Adolf
No Israel
No Benjamin
No ………..?

Man of the right hand
Come to right your wrong
See you not?
Maya but the whirl
The dance is home

64 diamonds make the ring
64 roses birthed 1 morning
64 beings massacred today

Blood will spill
A Rose will bloom

The only choice you have
Temple is for the World
The Foundation
Secrets cannot be told

The Sacrificial blood has been shed
The Swastika has begun it’s turn.



No Judas

Remember me

Dear Friend

Wander not far from your path

For I shall bring you back

To break you asunder

And the Phoenix shall rise once again

                         – Jame’Llah

What are these beautiful colors I see

Leaping and Dancing in front of me

Words in their fineness sing to me

A song David’s Melody

Then comes the dance of the living beat

Words beat the drums to spark the heat

Living is dead and dead is living

Dead is living and living is dead

Forming the pointed arc of light

Through which walks my king

Solomon, the knight

                                                                                                                                      – Jame’Llah


I would never leave you

But You are free

To go

Why is it that the deadened souls laugh and make merry

While we suffer in the throes of longing

He says,

” O you ungrateful one! “

You curse me in your pain

If not for the burning fire that cleanses you of filth

you will remain drunk with the charms of this world

satisfied with the entrails

left untouched,

by the true lovers

Burn me

Burn me on the pyre

For I will die dancing with your name upon my lips

But not before you drive a stake through where this heart used to be

Set me free

He says

I am a Queen

but not of this realm


Come find me

Come love me

Don’t make me live again

To love you

To make you mine

                                                                                                                                             – Jame’Llah

I am here

Will you take me now?

What is here and what is now?


Come find me

Come love me

Come make me yours

Don’t make me live again

To make you mine

Come follow me

I’ll lead you into The darkness

Who says darkness is the absence of light

It’s in your darkness that she herself is Witness

Star light star bright

You twinkle in the twilight

I see you

but do you see me?

Your suffering is mine too, my darling

Reality commands

” Carry the Burden and ease his pain!”

But Mystery chides,

” NO! How could you?”


I love you

                                                                                                                  – Jame’Llah

My King of Kings

Words of heaven are all I have

How then do I sing your praise in Mortal tongue

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Jame’Llah

please don’t go

just not yet

I close my eyes

I cry

I struggle

decipher me

Please don’t turn

just not yet